23 June 2019

The real view on Body Positivity with an expert

We sat down with Jules Von Hep, celebrity tanner, the founder of The Isle of Paradise and Body Positivity advocate to get his advice. I was blown away by his outlook and I have a feeling you will be too.

“For me well being is about self love, self care, body appreciation and recognising even the smallest of personal wins in our day to day regime.

To break this down self love comes in all different formats, for m,e it’s exfoliating my skin (sounds simple but so many of our little habits are a form of self love), eating my greens, drinking my water and making myself smile each day are all elements of self love.

Body appreciation = life gratitude. Baby you only get one body, there is no magic want that will give you the body of your dreams so you may aswell make peace with your body and use it to its full advantage and enjoy this life you have been given! Stop everything right now, stand up and give yourself a hug. Go on. Your body and you deserve it.

Something I learnt from my podcast cohost Sarah Powell is to celebrate the smallest of wins. Making the bed every morning – win. Doing the washing up – win. Replying to those emails – win. You accomplish more than you think you do each day, it’s time to realise how awesome you are!”

Jules’ 3 Top Tips for starting the journey of body positivity love:

Focus on the positive – ok so you hate your [insert body part – thighs, feet, skin, hair] but what about the parts you love? Instead of saying I hate my, way I love my  and just swap it out for something you truly love. Personally, I hate my love handles but I love my eyes, so I focus on them!

Your body, your lane. Life is competitive enough, remember that how you treat you body, how you view your body is all up to you and no one else. Don’t assume others think certain things about you, chances are they have their own things to worry about. Stretch marks are not negative I call them babe marks, scars are signs of a life lived, wrinkles so laughter and experience and dodgy tattoos usually depict a bit of fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff just enjoy what you’ve been given.

We can’t be body posi 24/7/52. It’s ok to have your dips, but remember to focus on the peaks. Life is about balance, if you feel bloated just have a green smoothie, if you feel tired ensure you sleep well, if you need to move book a work out class – enjoy being on the journey WITH your body, not against it.





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