29 May 2019

When your Mind, Body and Soul becomes someone else’s

It will have been hard for you to miss what has been happening in the news lately with the draconian Abortion Laws that have been implemented in Georgia … however, I am in the UK and let’s not forget that this is apparent in Northern Ireland too.

As a woman when I read this I was truly heartbroken, then when I saw the images of the 25 governors who passed The Heartbeat Bill I was angry. These middle-class (f*cking no class) middle-aged white men who are creating rules over our bodies filled me with rage and disbelief. When I started to put myself in the shoes of the teenagers in those states, what would they think, how are they processing this as the future generation knowing that, according to these men, they do not matter?

When you look at the elements of this law, it comes down to three main points: control, intimidation, and fear. Please do not think I am a man hater in any way, but as a feminist, I am about equality. It, however, beggars belief that a law can be passed like this in 2019 where men have decided they have a right over a woman’s body. Some of these women have been raped, abused, or be suffering from mental health disorders, yet will now be forced to give birth or face imprisonment. We have seen intimidation so many times by men (and women) yet the main point that scares me is the control, how is this level of dominance acceptable in a world where we are finally praising all shapes of women and men and championing freedom and diversity. (I am aware of how far we still need to go)

Working in wellbeing gives you a greater understanding of the body as a vessel for transformation and change that goes way beyond the physical entity.  What we take for granted here, or what I do, is that I get to make all of these decisions for myself, how I choose to live my life every day, how I interact with my clients, how I want to have children or how I don’t. This is the same for all of those women yet they woke up one morning and it had changed, their mindset and understanding was still the same but now they have a lack of control and exploitation of basic human rights.

Please never take your freedom for granted and lets collectively take a moment to sign this petition so that our future generation believe in us the way we believe in them.



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