13 May 2019

Why are more of us intimidated by wellbeing than ever before?

It is a really complicated time in the wellness sector right now. We all want to feel good, eat the right things and develop our skills yet in a $4.2 trillion industry do you get the feeling that the initial message is disappearing?

I am of privilege that I know, I am a white female living in London and so for me to talk about equality can come across as hypocritical. I already know this, yet as a wellbeing professional, I believe it is my job to show the next generation what this is really about. Wellbeing stems from acceptance: let’s talk this through together. No matter where you are right now, whether you are starting out on your journey or years down the line, we need to find the confidence together to surrender and totally accept where we are today. I always like to try to draw on my own experiences to show you that I am there with you. I am currently waiting on hip surgery, the pain impairs everything that I do in my life from sleep to walking to working out even Yoga. In order to feel like my wellbeing is not being affected what was my first step….. acceptance, this is where I am right now, so let’s build from here.

I know that this step can feel overwhelming and not easy but once you find a way to truly accept where you are is when the magic starts to happen. We have our base, our strong foundation, and from here we can pinpoint where we want to go and who we want to be in order to reach the best version of ourselves and more importantly than anything, for ourselves. Let me reiterate that last point if you are trying to change anything for anyone else perhaps to please them, you will never achieve a higher state of wellbeing. It will be at a detriment to your emotional and mental health and will make you feel even more isolated in an industry that should be about inclusion.

I try to pinpoint wellbeing to five main points before I start on a new journey both for myself and for my clients:

  1. Is it active? Moving is medicine and even if it is a brisk walk it will make a difference
  2. Am I learning? We feel the greatest sense of achievement when we learn and share our knowledge
  3. Do I feel good? This might be obvious but does that activity genuinely make me feel good or am I doing it because I think I should. Game changer.
  4. Do I feel connected? Either to myself and my body or to others. In a world where we feel more disconnected than ever, I cannot stress how important this is
  5. What can I give? Is there something small that you can give to someone each day, maybe a phone call, a message, a walk in the park with them to truly share your knowledge and your time. This will not only help them but make you feel incredible.


These are my thoughts about wellbeing and I really want to open up this conversation as it fascinates me. What does wellness mean to you? How do you feel in the industry right now? Let’s connect and talk about this together… these are only my thoughts and I value all opinions.



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